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            1. Edgy word wizard’s cast spells disruption in legal realm

              ติด พนัน ออนไลน์ pantip 2562

              Business Edge News Magazine

              You could say that Rob Driscoll is driven to succeed.

              In 2017 alone, he drove the TransCanada Highway between Vancouver and Calgary more than 50 times.

              To some, that might sound like a highway to hell. Driscoll, however, considers each road trip through the Rockies a heavenly experience that helps produce mountains of good fortune.

              “I never get tired of the scenery and notice something new every time,”... Keep Reading

              Entrepreneur Elias Taps Triggers to Sales Success

              Craig Elias has discovered a unique approach to building business over the years.

              He does this by turning more prospects into loyal customers through the harnessing of trigger events to repeatedly get to the right people at exactly the right time.

              Elias, the creator of Trigger Event Selling?, and the Chief Catalyst of SHiFT Selling, Inc., is a highly sought- after speaker and trainer, delivering unique, compelling and relevant content.

              Elias helps people... Keep Reading

              20 Questions with Ed Torrance, Owner of Torrance Safety & Risk Management Limited

              As a child role-playing with his nine siblings in the hills of northern Scotland, Ed Torrance favoured freedom- fighting icon Sir William Wallace.

              Decades later, after losing his cherished oldest brother to a battle with a work-related illness, Torrance turned his heavy, brave heart to crusading for improvements in Canada’s health, safety and environment (HSE) field.

              The sword Torrance brandishes each day is his fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which... Keep Reading

              20 Questions with Ed Torrance

              20 Questions with Brad Krizan, President of Premiere Suites Western Ltd.

              Just an unassuming guy from small-town southern Alberta, Brad Krizan has put together an astonishing educational and corporate C.V. within a relatively brief time frame. His university education in urban and regional studies originally piqued an interest in real estate. That growing fascination, in turn, led him to build a base of knowledge and experience in a variety of asset classes throughout Canada and the U.S.

              At this particular stage of his career, he is... Keep Reading

              20 Questions with Brad Krizan

              Randy Frost, President/CEO of Solara Fund Inc and Solara Club Inc

              Randy Frost has always admired the achievements of Canada’s technology industry leaders. Now, through his latest entrepreneurial venture, he is working with some of the country’s most promising tech companies, presenting compelling investment opportunities to his network of investors.

              With a view of one of the country’s high-tech hubs in Edmonton, Frost founded Solara Club Inc. with the goal of providing young, innovative technology companies with a platform... Keep Reading

              20 Questions with Randy Frost
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